• Espresso – Coffee kids, Nazareth’s Formula II, In The Clouds, Gold Mountain

    Get to know our best-selling iconic espressos (15% discount)! You can also use this beautifully for your moka pot!


    • Coffee Kids is a pulped-natural coffee from the Cerrado region in Brasil from the Fazenda Miaki, the yellow bourbon variety gives it its rich taste of Cacao, Toffee, Dried Plums and Apricots.
    • Nazareth’s formula is a Yellow Bourbon produced by Nazareth Pereira from the Fazenda Sertão. This natural process coffee surprises with its extreme sweetness and a very clean low acidity, able to give you a very elegant and velvety cup of espresso.
    • In The Clouds is our first washed coffee from Finca Muxbal in Mexico, the Chiapas region, its crisp acidity and sugary sweetness makes for a fantastic espresso.
    • Gold Mountain is our direct-trade coffee from farmers in Nicaragua from The Gold Mountain Project, distinct for its spicy aroma notes and chocolate fondue, honey pecan pie flavours.

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