• Mixed – Nazareth’s Formula II, In The Clouds, Manyatta, Cafe des Mamas


    Do you want to enjoy different extractions at home, like espresso or moka, french press or V60? You can have an appropriate coffee with the perfect roast for the best extraction method.


    • Nazareth’s Formula II (espresso or moka) is our second edition of this coffee from a spectacular Women Producer project in Carmo de Minas, very sweet with a touch of nutmeg and honey.
    • In The Clouds is our first washed coffee from Finca Muxbal in Mexico, the Chiapas region, its crisp acidity and sugary sweetness makes for a fantastic espresso.
    • Kamundu (omniroast) Natural processing is a rarity in Kenya, which has built a fine reputation on the back of exceptional fully washed coffees. This coffee will surprise with it’s notes of macadamia and passion fruit.
    • Cafe des Mamas (filter) is one our our most sought-after coffees yet from the Women Producers in Rwanda from the Nova Coffee Washing station, with distinct funky and juicy fruit flavours, like raspberry and strawberry jam.

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