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    EDITION #1. BERITI. Ethiopian coffee. Hot brewed flash chilled to extract all the natural sweetness and canned with nitrogen to keep it fresh, creamy, and delicious.


    You are holding in your hands the first edition of our Nitro coffee.

    Inside is the Ethiopian heirloom natural processed coffee from 600 smallholder farmers. They are located in Beriti, Tore, Yirgacheffe on the 1770masl altitude. Coffees from Yirgacheffe are unique,and we are crazy about them. In 2017 the prime minister of Ethiopia allowed a reform that enabled co-operatively owned washing stations to export directly. Before the reform, all the coffee from Ethiopia was sold with the involvement of the Ethiopian government. This reform has givena much bigger transparency and traceability. 

    It is hot brewed and  flash chilled to extract all the natural flavors. Adding nitrogen to this coffee results in an even creamier body beverage and highlights the honey sweetness of the drink. Try it chilled on its own or get creative and mix it up.