Our Coffes



We only buy our coffees from responsible and sustainable sources, that are transparent about how they operate. As 80plus only buys specialty grade coffees, that implies a significantly higher price for the producer if compared with the C market.

It is of the utmost importance to us that the farmer receives the adequate sum for the quality and for the production. We want the coffee producers

to be able to grow,
to improve the quality and production every year,
to be able to invest resources in better infrastructures,
and have greater opportunities for their families, like housing and education.


We believe that coffee roasting is an extremely delicate process and getting just the perfect balance and development of the flavours is what we are looking for. We try not to leave the coffee undercooked with greenish and peanut-like flavors, nor do we want to roast it too much to destroy all the intrinsic flavours of each one of them.

We would like to point out suggestions of extraction systems of our coffees so you can get the best possible experience out of each one of them!