• Latte Art Basics Masterclass


    Latte Art Basics Masterclass

    Place – Via Laietana 36, the 80plus Specialty coffee studio, BARCELONA

    (Available: Mondays at 10h, Wednesdays 17h, Thursdays 17h. Book in advance -1 week min.-. We’ll contact you via email to arrange the date, after the order is done). The course duration is 2 hours.

    Have you always been fascinated by the barista’s ability to foam the perfect milk and draw beautifully on your coffee?

    Do you want to learn it for fun for you to do it at home and surprise your guests or you want to take your first steps in the barista world?

    Come and meet us at our 80plus Studio in the heart of Barcelona to learn together with our barista trainer:

    • The science of foaming milk
    • The best and easiest technique to obtain the perfect consistency and elasticity of the foam
    • The hand techniques of pouring
    • The basic shapes

    Extras – 10€ for a photo session to take home 10 pictures with you as a latte art pro – you can arrange this during the course

    For more info contact us at info@80plus.es


  • Coming Soon

    Latte art pro


    4 hour course


    You will learn:

    • How to steam the milk and pour it in patterns
    • What milk to choose for your coffee
    • How to work with plant based milks


    All the course will be carried out based on your needs and interests on the subject.

    For more info contact us at info@80plus.es

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