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  • Microlot

    Another beautiful coffee from the Gold Mountain Producers (GMP).

    Sometimes a particular day’s picking on a farm has a distinct taste, and that’s the case with this Baklava & Mango Natural Process Microlot. The GMP celebrate these enzymatics by putting day-lots together in a unique microlot that share this distinct mango and baklava taste.

    This lot is comprised of red and yellow caturra, red and yellow catuai, and even some red pacamara, all picked as perfectly-ripe cherries and dried for about 34 days on raised beds so that air can circulate above and below the cherries. All traceable and direct. Enjoy this natural!

    • Origin: Nicaragua
    • Terroir: Jinotega and Matagalpa, 1200 – 1600 m
    • Producer: Member farmers of the Gold Mountain Producers
    • Varietal: Red and yellow caturra, catuai, red bourbon, pacamara
    • Processing: Natural
    • Drying: Sundried on raised beds for 34 days
    • Aroma: Mango and Honey
    • Flavour: Baklava sweets


  • Microlot

    Anda Luz sits between 1,500 and 1,980 m.a.s.l and the soil is mostly of volcanic origin, with a few sectors of clay loam. Besides coffee, Manfred grows plantains for shade. This terroir gives incredible flavour characteristics to the coffees.

    All three varieties stayed intact for 48 hours before the cherry was de-pulped and

    fermented for 12 hours in tanks. The beans were then washed and put out to dry for 8 (Geisha), 12 (Java) and 15 days (Typica), respectively.

    • Origin: Colombia
    • Terroir: Quindío, Génova, 1650 masl
    • Producer: Manfred Hiller
    • Farm: Anda Luz
    • Single varieties: Geisha, Java and Typica
    • Processing: Washed – 48 hours fermentation in cherry, 12 hours fermentation in tank


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