80plus has been roasting specialty coffee in Barcelona since 2016.

We are inspired by the world of Gastronomy and Catalonia is the perfect place to find this fusion of traditional, contemporary and innovative nuances.

Our goal is to open the world of Specialty Coffee to people who love Gastronomy, who love good food and wine and are curious to discover new horizons of flavour. We want to give it a new Cultural and Gastronomic meaning.

We have designed our menu for people who like to eat and drink well but whose life does not revolve around coffee. We offer products with character although easy to drink and to understand. The basis of our offer is built on classic flavours and origins, that are clean and balanced, complementing it with some coffees of daring and bright flavours, a bit like the avant-garde cuisine.

Our seasonal coffee collections combine craftsmanship
in 3 stages: raw material, roasting, packaging.

The selection of green coffee is dictated by our philosophy of quality and sustainability. We buy fresh, seasonal coffees, and seek to work with projects that benefit the communities in origin, supporting coffee growers and their families (projects of women producers, young farmers and others).

To highlight the aromatic notes of the coffee and its terroir, we roast each origin differently with a medium roast, we want to obtain more sweetness in coffees for espresso extractions and more aromatic complexity in coffees for filter extractions.

We are convinced that an extraordinary cup of coffee must also be a product that does not harm the health of the planet. The decisions we make are always aimed to reduce environmental impact and are part of our goal of being a more responsible and transparent company.

We have opted for a better packaging for the environment, but also found the way to give you the luxury to enjoy your coffee even longer, conserving it in the best possible way. We pack the 250 g coffee container with nitrogen in a metal can that can be recycled up to infinity. This method expels the oxygen from the inside and slows down the ageing process, allowing all the aromas of a fresh roast to be present even several months after roasting.

The large 1kg containers for HoReCa are made of 100% recyclable material.


We give great importance to communication with customers and suppliers. We are dedicated to build relationships based on trust and knowledge sharing.

We give trainings, tastings and courses on introduction to specialty coffee, green coffee, sensory analysis, barista skills and extraction methods. We always seek to develop personalised collaborations for our clients in the HoReCa sector with a long-term vision, where we both can grow and enjoy the journey.
We have a lot of experience in machinery and close relationships with manufacturers, so we can help you set up your cafeteria by choosing the best tools for you.



from the 3rd generation of one of the historical roaster families in Spain, is the Master Roaster crafting the perfect roast profile for each coffee.

Contact: jordi@80plus.es


with vast experience in Image, Photography and Design with various roasters in Europe (including Greece, Germany and Austria), she is responsible for 80plus Marketing.

Contact: anna@80plus.es


a 360° gastronomy lover, he is curious about food production techniques and their actors. Graduated in Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, he has a vast experience working in bars and restaurants. In the last 5 years he has been fully immersed in the coffee world. Sales manager and Client Support at 80plus. 

Contact: marco@80plus.es

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