We are incredibly proud and happy to announce that we have started distributing products from Canton tea. These are some incredible people working directly with small tea farmers provinding excellent quality and sustainable products and we feel that our brands have very similar goals and quality concept. It’s not only about specialty coffee, our goal is to collaborate with various brands of excellent quality products with special sensory characteristics and who really care about eco sustainability. Read more


It’s summer time and everyone is looking for a way to cool down. It’s been some time to find the perfect partner with whom to produce our cold coffee, but we finally did. We present to you our Beriti Ethiopian natural processed cold coffee with nitro, brewed and canned together with Motel Mini bar from Berlin. They have already done some fantastic collaborations with well known specialty coffee roasters and the product is just amazing!Read more


If you are thinking of a creative community, what comes to your mind first? We go for this word - "share". Share experience, knowledge, passion... This is what happens when  once a month Creative Mornings invites everyone to ImaginCafé in Barcelona. Such a worldwide initiative is built to join people who are curious and openminded. Each time a global theme is chosen to be represented by local speakers, who can be professionals in any industry. This is why it is always so exiting to see what will be next. So we decided to put a bit of our own input in the movement and greet the sleepy you with a cup of decent coffee. Every time something new for you to discover.  Read more


Coffeea arabica and Coffea canephora, Vitis vinifera and Vitis rupestris - talking about the coffee families and some of the vine families, they both have some characteristics in common. Vitis vinifera just like Coffea arabica are more noble fruit producing families with many fantastic sensory outcomes, on the other hand canephora (robusta) and rupestris (the American vine) are more robust and resistant plants to various diseases or pests but have less desirable flavor characteristics or other productive difficulties. The height at which these plants are cultivated, both coffee and wine, will change their sensory characteristics, just like the soil, the fermentation time or style. In the coffee world, for example, the carbonic maceration has become so fashionable, this sort of method has been used for so many years to make the young wine vin nouveau in Beaujolais. Read more

World Of Coffee Berlin 2019

Dear 80+ fans, we just got back from Berlin from World of Coffee. Another great year of serving our coffee at this huge event, meeting friends and new people, tasting fantastic coffees and getting familiar with innovative products, it has been a pleasure! We hope you were there and you got to try our Beriti at our friends’ stands at Compak and at Dalla Corte, if not, you can still find it at our webshop packed in our 100% compostable bags. Read more

Zero Waste Latte Art Throwdown

Zero Waste Latte Art Throwdown for us was one of those collaborations that really matters because there is a great idea behind. We thank very much Oatly for preparing such a sustainable event. We are also very proud to deliver such an important message side by side with Dalla Corte, Mare Terra and Keep Cup.Read more

Lisbon Coffee Festival

Lisbon. The city of light and coffee boom. The market is growing all together with the interest for new flavors.

So the very first Coffee Festival took place this March, highlighting the new era in Portugal.

We were so exited to get behind the scenes and see what was happening there. Read more

New year, new coffees

Here we are with our three new coffees, we were very excited to finally find some different, juicy, sweet ones that we could use both for filter and espresso extractions.

How can you choose the best one for you?

Do you prefer easy or funky? Do you like brightness or creaminess? What extraction do you like best? Read more

Coffee and wine

“Variety”, “terroir", “micro-climate”, “the producer’s hand”, all of these concepts sound pretty familiar if you know something about wine, right? Well, believe it or not but they are just as important in the production of coffee, especially when we talk about the sensory characteristics that we find in the final cup. It is quite common that people ask us coffee professionals about the coffee of Central America or Africa, about its taste and production but the truth is if I ask you “What does the wine of France taste like?”, wouldn’t you be a bit confused? Which wine region are we talking about, Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, but what about the producer, they’re all different!Read more