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    Farm El Porvenir is located in the community of La Pradera within the municipality of Gigante, Huila – the largest coffee producing region in Colombia. The Huila region lies near the highest Volcano in Colombia – Nevado del Huila. The mountainous terrain provides fertile volcanic soils at high altitudes with large day-night swings in temperature. This slows cherry maturation leading to very intense, sweet and complex cups. Castillo vaiety is characterized by notable leafrust resistance, high bean density, big cherries, smooth body and citric acidity.

    • Origin:Colombia
    • Terroir:Huila
    • Farm:Porvenir
    • Producer:Orlando Sosa Gonzalez
    • Variety:Castillo
    • Processing:Natural
    • Aroma:Fruity, Abundant 
    • Notes:Cherry, Rum, Lychee, Pineapple
  • decaf specialty coffee whole bean in the can

    Sugarcane EA Decaf


    Here is a bit on how Decaf Sugarcane EA is made. Green coffee is being steamed in a low-pressure environment. This process opens the pores of the coffee, allowing for easier caffeine extraction. Coffee is placedin a solution of water and Ethyl Acetate (E.A.), a naturally occuring compound and solvent derived through the fermentation of sugarcane. Beans are submerged in the solvent, which naturally bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acids within the coffee, allowing the extraction of caffeine. With time the beans get saturated and the solution hasto be changed. This manipulation is done several times. When the process is finished the beans are steammed again to remove all traces of EA, dried, get prepared for transportation and roasting.

    · Origin: Colombia, Caldas

    · Processing: Washed

    · Decaffeination process: Sugarcane EA

    · Aroma: Cinnamon

    · Flavour: Gingerbread Cookies, Sweet Lemon