• 80plus nitro coffee

    Our nitro infused flash brew coffee is back after a few years thanks to the Motel Beer & Coffee in Berlin! The box contains 6 cans of the 80plus nitro coffee.

    Made with one of our favourite coffees of the season:

    • Origin:Ethiopia
    • Terroir:Sidama, 1400 – 2200 m
    • Varietal:Heirloom
    • Processing:Washed
    • Drying:Sundried on raised beds
    • Aroma:Jasmine, apricot
    • Flavour:Grapefruit notes and round velvety body


    This coffee has been infused with hot water and “flash” cooled afterwards very quickly to maintain the perfect characteristics of a freshly brewed coffee. Nitrogen has been added to produce a nice foam.


    EXCELLENT on a hot day and FANTASTIC for cocktails!