• Guji


    UPDATE (september 2020): we also have a LIMITED EDITION toast for ESPRESSO!

    Dimtu Tero is stretched over 151ha land in the Odo Shakiso district, where the natural environment is favorable to produce some of the best coffees of Ethiopia. As you might already know, Ethiopia is thought to be the homeland of the arabica coffee, and coffees from there are really one of our favorites. They have a very distinct, difficult-to-confuse flavor of bergamot and magic.

    • Origin: Ethiopia
    • Terroir: Guji 1800-2150 masl
    • Farm: Tero Farm
    • Variety: Mixed Heirloom
    • Process: Washed
    • Drying process: Sundried on raised beds
    • Aroma: Earl grey, tea, bergamot
    • Flavour: Herbal, liquorous body