• Micro

    The Peralta Family coffee growing history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, but it was only in 2008 that they started focusing on developing new ways to market their coffees to international specialty coffee markets.


    This coffee utilises an ‘anaerobic honey’ process. Coffee is selected and harvested then left In cherry for 24 hours. The coffee is then pulped and then in an additional step recently introduced, there is a fermentation period in an oxygen-free environment after pulping. This increases the opportunity for a more prolonged drying and can lead to more flavour development without inducing negative fermented flavours. The coffee is then laid out to dry on multi layered raised beds where it is turned at 9am, 12 mid day and 2pm over the course of 18 – 20 days. It is covered at night to protect from excess moisture. The coffee is processed at the San Ignacio Mill in Mozonte, near Ocatal in Nueva Segovia. The mill manager Mayerling Escoto has specific responsibility for all the processing at this microlot-only mill.

    • Origin: Nicaragua
    • Terroir: Dipilto, Nueva Segovia 1400 – 1600 masl
    • Farm: Santa María de Lourdes
    • Producer: Julio & Octavio Peralta
    • Variety: Red Catuai
    • Processing: Honey Anaerobic fermentation
    • Drying: Sundried on raised beds
    • Aroma: Cinnamon, honey
    • Flavour: Cocoa, Red apple