It’s the perfect coffee for this season as it reminds you of a nice cup of hot chocolate, spices and warm and fuzzy feelings. This is one of our direct trade coffees that we feel very proud of.

Gold Mountain Growers take coffee very seriously, they monitor every step of the growing process and are on the farm when ripening and harvest begins, only the perfect ripe cherries are picked, so we are looking at excellent quality coffee here.

Gold Mountain Growers have their own farm and they connect other partner farmers directly to the end buyer and roaster for direct trade, which makes the relationship so much more intimate.

They are all about sustainability in the local coffee community so here are a few things they look after and where they reinvest:

  • Access to credit in a country where access to credit is nearly non-existent
  • 90% female computing classes given for free to coffee community youth
  • An operation for a young girl so she could walk for the first time, and a handicapped-accessible house
  • Running water in schools far from utility grids
  • Textbooks, desks, libraries, and other educational necessities in schools.

They take extremely good care of the coffee community and the biodiversity of the area, protecting the flora and the fauna.

This is a very sweet and round coffee, so you should definitely try it in an espresso! At home we suggest you try it with the Italian moka pot.

If you want to know about our friends at Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, check out this link https://www.goldmountaincoffeegrowers.com!

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