Hello, everyone!

We are once more back with new coffees! We will be sad to say goodbye to our Gran Galope and Bossa Nova, both fantastic coffees, but we are welcoming Nazareth’s Formula II and La Plata!For those of you who have known us already for some time will all ready be familiar with Nazareth Pereira and her fantastic natural Yellow Bourbon from Carmo de Minas.

We had this coffee a few years ago, but we loved it so much that we were thrilled to be able to include it on our menu once again this season.

Milk chocolate, almonds, sweet and round, it really is the perfect coffee for espresso. This is one of our Women Producer coffees, Nazareth Pereira has been managing her family plantations since her husband passed away and she has been doing an incredible job, the coffees are spectacular, I hope you try it and let’s sustain more Women Producers!

La Plata is our new fruity and citrusy Colombian coffee from Huila from various small farmers from the area of La Plata. This has been sourced and brought to us by Osito coffee, people who work every day on making coffee more sustainable. Most of the farmers working with Osito are either organic or on their way to becoming organic coffee producers and they always make sure they get fair value of income from their produce.

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