Lisbon. The city of light and coffee boom. The market is growing all together with the interest for new flavors. So the very first Coffee Festival took place this March, highlighting the new era in Portugal. We were so exited to get behind the scenes and see what was happening there. First it has to be mentioned that the organization was on a very high level: the ambient, the space, activities and championships – all was focused on bringing professionals of the industry together and share the knowledge. Big and small companies showing their latest innovations are going in the same direction of transparency & sustainability of business making.

We were happy to find old friends and new faces.

It is still a long way to go for speciality coffee here, breaking prejudice and old habits. Coffee shops are opened till late night and there are millions of ways Portuguese like their cup to be. It was surprising to hear people ordering “Uma Sem Ponte (sem principio)” (“without the start” – first drops are going out of the cup) and coffee of second extraction “Carioca” (the idea is that the best drink gets out using the same dose twice).

But we know for sure that human curiosity and carving for better things beats everything. So looking forward for great news from our neighbours in the next years, because the potential to grow is enormous!
Viva pasteis de nata & cafe rico!

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