Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora, Vitis vinifera and Vitis rupestris – talking about the coffee families and some of the vine families, they both have some characteristics in common. Vitis vinifera just like Coffea arabica are more noble fruit producing families with many fantastic sensory outcomes, on the other hand canephora (robusta) and rupestris (the American vine) are more robust and resistant plants to various diseases or pests but have less desirable flavor characteristics or other productive difficulties.

The height at which these plants are cultivated, both coffee and wine, will change their sensory characteristics, just like the soil, the fermentation time or style. In the coffee world, for example, the carbonic maceration has become so fashionable, this sort of method has been used for so many years to make the young wine vin nouveau in Beaujolais.
As you can see, we are fanatics of the coffee world, but we are also very interested in wine as we believe it is a great way to explain coffee – through the wine vocabulary and their similarities.

It just so happens that we have met a fantastic wine producer family from Baix Empordà with whom we have been sharing ideas, specifically with the daughter Ana, an incredibly passionate person (and so young!). The winery Mas Geli in Pals has been doing organic production since day one, using mostly autochthonous wine grapes from the area and the flavor profile they are looking for are pleasant, fresh and balanced characteristics, just as we try to source and roast our coffees to the most balanced and pleasant flavor profile. We’ll tell you a secret, we are working with Ana and Mas Geli for some future collaborations and we are very excited, so stay tuned for our updates!

In the mean time, you should just go visit the winery yourself and do a fantastic wine and local product tasting right in their vineyards!

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