Mountain Water decaffeinated coffee from Chiapas

Decaffeinated coffee doesn’t really have a good image in many coffee drinkers’ eyes, but it might be true that some people physiologically are too sensitive to it but still want to drink it, some want to drink coffee at night but find themselves looking at the ceiling until 5am without being able to fall asleep. Whatever the reason may be, some have tried decaf and have ended up very disappointed. We are going to tell you here today that there actually is a decaf coffee you will like, even if you are not a decaf drinker!

Traditional decaffeination methods used mostly in commodity coffee (also known as “commercial”) use quite drastic ways of extracting caffeine, which also changes the original coffee taste and might give it some undesirable flavors like chemically or very malty and sour taste. Those methods are accompanied by the use of chemical solvents that are not good for human health (although they assure you there is no chemical residue) or with CO2 in critical conditions which is definitely better but still gives the decaffeinated coffee a very strange taste. So you end up with a strange tasting product which might be extremely overroasted to try and hide the unpleasant flavors, leaving it very bitter anyway.

There is however a more gentle method, that will absolutely surprise you. It doesn’t have such a great impact on the original coffee flavour and of course the raw material used for decaffeination for our Chiapas, Mexico decaf is significantly superior, if compared to a regular decaf.

Mountain Water process, exactly as it is called, uses water to extract caffeine. But to protect all the original flavours of the coffee and prevent them from dissolving in water together with caffeine, the water solution is saturated with all the coffee compounds – aromatic and taste compounds – except for caffeine. So the green coffee is submerged in this caffeine free solution and the caffeine migrates from the beans to the solution by osmosis (you have definitely heard of this and studied it in biology at school, where chemical compounds move from a bigger concentration solution, to a solution with smaller concentration).

So the taste stays very pleasant, as this is a washed arabica from Chiapas, you will still feel a pleasant acidity and nice milk chocolate and cookie notes. Try it in espresso or in our new compostable Nespresso compatible sustainable capsules!


P.S. You know how lately more and more medical researches are published about the benefits of coffee? Well, decaf coffee even without caffeine still has a huge antioxidant potential, so another reason why not give up on coffee even if you are caffeine-sensitive!

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