Have you noticed our new packaging cans? 

So, this wasn’t only a choice of image although we do agree that the tin cans really look good.

We switched to aluminum cans because of sustainability. Surprised?

Well, let us explain a bit.

It is a beautiful and practical way of packaging coffee, it is more rigid so it doesn’t get mushed up like bags do and it is reusable for more coffee, or for anything that you could imagine, like a container for cookies for your kitchen.

It is also a better way to store coffee as the metal doesn’t let any light inside and when we pack it, we push out the oxygen and substitute it with an inert gas, Nitrogen. So your coffee will stay fresh longer!

And as we were saying, it is SUSTAINABLE! There are so many kraft coffee bags out there, but we have to understand that the kraft bags are not made only from paper, the paper is just the outside lining to make it look more natural, but it is usually a multi-layered material normally with aluminum and plastic (also because paper is not a good barrier for keeping out humidity and oxygen), that even if these materials are recyclable on their own, when layered together, it is impossible to separate them afterwards so it is NOT RECYCLABLE. 

Aluminum is easily recyclable and recyclable up to infinity! It needs very little energy to be melted and remolded into a new container for any industry use, so it means that we don’t need to look for new raw material. And the quality of the recycled packaging will be just the same as the original one. 

So on our side we have done our homework to make some impact on our sustainability. Now it’s your turn to do your homework and dispose of it correctly if you don’t reuse it! Contact your local government or do a little research about what can be recycled in the city that you live in and which packaging goes in which container. If you find yourself in Barcelona as us, then throw it in the yellow container for plastics and aluminum!

Thank you for your collaboration, let’s all work together to make the planet cleaner and more sustainable, because it’s about time!

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