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    Muranga County has cool temperatures and fertile central highlands. The combination of fertile volcanic soil, seasonal rainfall and high altitude provide the ideal climate for coffees characterised by high acidity, full body and ripe fruit flavours. Due to the cool conditions, the cherries in Murang’a develop slowly and the beans reach a large size. Kanjathi wetmill (or factory) was established in 1971under Kangiri Farmers’ Co-operative Society and now works with 1,100 registered members, local smallholder farmers who cultivate typical Kenyan varieties (SLs, Batian and Ruiru11). These beans are wet processed and then delivered at Othaya dry mill where it is rested in parchment for 3 weeks before being hulled.

    CAN 250g.

    • Origin:Kenya
    • Terroir:Murang’a County, 1900 m.a.s.l
    • Wet Mill:Kanjathi
    • Varietal:Batian, Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34
    • Processing:Washed
    • Aroma:Fruity, Sweet
    • Flavour:Blackcurrant, Orange marmalade, Caramel, Lemon and Tea
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    Abyssinia coffee comes from the coffee-growing regionof Guji and is produced by a family exporter that workswith different producers in the region. This family-owned exporter has a long history of putting a lot of emphasison the tasting of their lots to maintain the consistencythey want to give to their customers and building a solid family relationship with producers and customers.

    • OriginEthiopia
    • TerroirGuji,1900 – 2000 m.a.s.l.
    • ProducerVarious Smallholders
    • VarietalHeirloom
    • ProcessingNatural
    • AromaBalanced, Sweet
    • FlavourRed Fruits and Berries
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    Farm El Porvenir is located in the community of La Pradera within the municipality of Gigante, Huila – the largest coffee producing region in Colombia. The Huila region lies near the highest Volcano in Colombia – Nevado del Huila. The mountainous terrain provides fertile volcanic soils at high altitudes with large day-night swings in temperature. This slows cherry maturation leading to very intense, sweet and complex cups. Castillo vaiety is characterized by notable leafrust resistance, high bean density, big cherries, smooth body and citric acidity.

    • Origin:Colombia
    • Terroir:Huila
    • Farm:Porvenir
    • Producer:Orlando Sosa Gonzalez
    • Variety:Castillo
    • Processing:Natural
    • Aroma:Fruity, Abundant 
    • Notes:Cherry, Rum, Lychee, Pineapple