We are incredibly proud and happy to announce that we have started distributing products from Canton tea. These are some incredible people working directly with small tea farmers provinding excellent quality and sustainable products and we feel that our brands have very similar goals and quality concept. It’s not only about specialty coffee, our goal is to collaborate with various brands of excellent quality products with special sensory characteristics and who really care about eco sustainability.

This is Alice from Canton tea:

“Canton is a small, independent tea company based in the UK. Since 2007, Canton has supplied wholesale tea to the premium hospitality sector: Five star hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, savvy independents.

We buy fresh tea each season, direct from small, traditional gardens where tea bushes have grown for hundreds of years.

Buying fresh tea, direct from the farm is an important point of difference for Canton as many tea companies buy from wholesalers with the general region and vague season. We know the provenance of every leaf we sell. We have established relationships with the farmers where the leaves are handpicked and handcrafted to tease out the sweetest notes and the most complex flavours. Most of our teas are beyond organic, some are biodynamic, several are from tea farms abandoned many years ago with trees allowed to grow untamed, others are from wild native trees in the forests of Yunnan.”

Sounds amazing, right? Hit us up with an e-mail or an Instagram message to find out more on how to get your hands on their beautiful products and to see the catalogue.

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