Zero Waste Latte Art Throwdown for us was one of those collaborations that really matters because there is a great idea behind. We thank very much Oatly for preparing such a sustainable event. We are also very proud to deliver such an important message side by side with Dalla Corte, Mare Terra and Keep Cup. Participants were making latte art with oat milk and after the jury has chosen the winner of the round, every cup was sent to the bartender, who was transforming the drinks into cocktails. So while the competitors were fighting for the first place, the guests were enjoying white or dirty russian and white cuban. Also if you were present at the event, you could see the bags of coffee flying. ¿Did you catch any? These were the new compostable bags that we have launched recently. We are constantly working on our packaging, looking for the most sustainable materials, so you can enjoy a cup of good coffee non harming the Planet.

Big thanks to everyone for coming and participating! And if you are reading this article and couldn’t attend, don’t worry, there will be more events. Much more is coming!

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