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    El Palto


    We are excited to start working with Cultivar, specialty coffee exporters in Peru who have a very close relationship with local producers.


    Cultivar: ”Last year was the first to start working with this original lot from the north of the country. Not far from Jaén (Cajamarca), in Miraflores del Sur we find Ángel Berrillos’s farm, El Palto. Being one of 10 siblings, his entire family, including his father, currently works in the coffee and agriculture sector. At 1600 meters above sea level, his 4-hectare farm has traditionally grown Catimor plants, a variety very resistant to rust but often not very good in terms of quality, however a few years ago he planted trees with a very distinctive characteristic: the grains were much larger than average. He tells us that he saw this special plant from a neighbor and wanted to see what the quality would be like. Unsurprisingly, this small plot of 300 trees is what we believe to be the Maraogype variety, offering a very interesting cup profile.

    • Origin: Perú
    • Terroir: Cajamarca, Jaen, Miraflores del Sur, 1600 masl
    • Farm: El Palto
    • Producer: Angel Berrillos
    • Varietal: Maragogype & Caturra
    • Processing: Washed – 24-36 hours of fermentation in open tanks
    • Drying: Sun dried for 15-20 days
    • Aroma: Floral, stone fruit, fresh cherries
    • Flavour: Sweet orange acidity