• Microlot

    This micro lot is produced by three neighbours: Fredy, Eleuterio and Mario.The three neighbours are members of the association AAVAPA (Asociacion de Agricultores del Valle Pauran), together with 18 other members. They started to focus on improving the quality of their coffee four years ago. This is the second year we have bought this wonderful coffee through Cultivar and it is really spectacular.

    • Origin:Peru
    • Terroir:Santo Domingo Acobamba 2100-2200 masl
    • Producers:Freddy, Eleuterio, Mario
    • Varietal:Bourbon, Typica
    • Processing:Washed
    • Drying:Sundried on raised beds
    • Aroma:White floral notes
    • Flavour:Panela sweetness, citrus acidity