• Micro

    Buliza was among the overall winners of Cup of Excellence in 2011. Though Buliza is mainly supplied by a farmers cooperative called Ucocaru, this microlot was produced exclusively by the women of the Burega cooperative.

    We had the pleasure to cup on Zoom with CAFERWA Ltd, a coffee exporting company in Rwanda which started its operation in 1995 with the goal of exporting coffee to different parts of the world.

    “We nurture relationships with our farmers and adopt fair practices to ensure that they are involved in every part of the process. Most of our staff are women, many of whom are survivors of the 1994 genocide. We provide healthcare and education and empower communities to grow strong with thriving businesses whilst offering safe, healthy working conditions and sustainable farming methods.”

    • Origin: Rwanda
    • Terroir: Burega sector, Rulindo district, Northern Province, 1750 – 2100 masl
    • Producer: Buliza CWS Washing station
    • Variety: Bourbon
    • Process: Washed
    • Drying: Sundried on raised beds
    • Aroma: Dark cherry, grapefruit, green tea
    • Flavour: Juicy acidity and smooth body