Vella Terra 2020

One more year has gone by and again we are happy to be part of the natural wine fair Vellaterra.

A spectacular atmosphere full of smiles, exchanging knowledge and wine, lots of wine! Although our speciality is coffee, we keep on insisting on how much similar these two worlds are – wine and coffee. From the plant characteristics and terroir influence to the sensory aspects (can you tell which is the wine and which is the coffee flavour wheel?).

Our new packaging cans

Have you noticed our new packaging cans?
So, this wasn’t only a choice of image although we do agree that the tin cans really look good.
We switched to aluminum cans because of sustainability. Surprised?
Well, let us explain a bit.

It is a beautiful and practical way of packaging coffee, it is more rigid so it doesn’t get mushed up like bags do and it is reusable for more coffee, or for anything that you could imagine, like a container for cookies for your kitchen.

New flavors to start the year

Hello 2020 and welcome to our two new star coffees from Rwanda and Ethiopia!
We hope one of your resolutions for this year has been to drink more filter coffee, because we have some incredible stuff for you!

We are so glad to be able to once more support a women’s coffee project such as the Cafe des Mamas from Rwanda, from the Nova coffee washing station. Managed by Agnès Mukamushinja, the terroir around the NOVA coffee station is rich in volcanic soil and at the perfect altitude (1800-2000 masl) to produce the finest arabica specialty coffees. The women collaborating with the NOVA coffee station are very diligent and sort all the coffee by hand to obtain only the perfect quality beans.


Exactly one week ago together with Galera Group we were supporting a charity event, the tournament of Jan Vergés Blanch that was held in the school of Els Arcs.

Jan Vergés Blanch was born in 2004 with a congenital heart disease. Although his life was difficult and with many limitations, Jan always lived it with intensity, joy and, above all, normally.

On September 14, 2016, Jan passed away suddenly due to a heart attack, leaving an immense void to all who loved him: family, friends, school, the football team where he played as a goalkeeper…


It’s the perfect coffee for this season as it reminds you of a nice cup of hot chocolate, spices and warm and fuzzy feelings. This is one of our direct trade coffees that we feel very proud of. Gold Mountain Growers take coffee very seriously, they monitor every step of the growing process and are on the farm when ripening and harvest begins, only the perfect ripe cherries are picked, so we are looking at excellent quality coffee here.
Gold Mountain Growers have their own farm and they connect other partner farmers directly to the end buyer and roaster for direct trade, which makes the relationship so much more intimate.


The new season of the fresh Brazilian coffees has arrived and so we have a little surprise for you!

We introduce to your our new product – Coffee Kids. The name of the coffee comes from a wonderful sustainability project for young farmers – “Coffee Kids empowers young coffee farmers to create thriving businesses and a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families.”

Coffee Kids is a beautiful project from Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung for sustaining and helping young coffee farmers to stay in business, give them all the necessary knowledge to grow better coffee and live a better life. It is a way of giving the necessary skills to the young people for becoming entrepreneurs in the coffee community.


Yesterday we had a pleasure to welcome In our lab Alice, tea expert from Canton, who offered us a fantastic tea degustation. We learned a lot, exploring different origins and producers with whom Canton is working. Did you know, that alike arabica & robusta in coffee, tea also has two different families?


We are incredibly proud and happy to announce that we have started distributing products from Canton tea. These are some incredible people working directly with small tea farmers provinding excellent quality and sustainable products and we feel that our brands have very similar goals and quality concept. It’s not only about specialty coffee, our goal is to collaborate with various brands of excellent quality products with special sensory characteristics and who really care about eco sustainability.


It’s summer time and everyone is looking for a way to cool down. It’s been some time to find the perfect partner with whom to produce our cold coffee, but we finally did.
We present to you our Beriti Ethiopian natural processed cold coffee with nitro, brewed and canned together with Motel Mini bar from Berlin. They have already done some fantastic collaborations with well known specialty coffee roasters and the product is just amazing!


If you are thinking of a creative community, what comes to your mind first? We go for this word – “share”. Share experience, knowledge, passion…
This is what happens when  once a month Creative Mornings invites everyone to ImaginCafé in Barcelona. Such a worldwide initiative is built to join people who are curious and openminded. Each time a global theme is chosen to be represented by local speakers, who can be professionals in any industry. This is why it is always so exiting to see what will be next. So we decided to put a bit of our own input in the movement and greet the sleepy you with a cup of decent coffee. Every time something new for you to discover.